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There Is A Very Good Reason That It’s Called The Cy Young Award…

…  and it’s because there will NEVER be another pitcher like him in the history of the game.

I don’t know much about Cy Young.  I’ve always tried to learn as much as I can about this game that we love, but my interest has been primarily on players from 1950’s to today.  Luckily my father was a big baseball fan growing up in New York so he has passed on tons of stories about the Yankee, Giants, and Dodgers teams and players from his era.  But since I have no living relatives to share stories about baseball’s history prior to that generation, I guess that I have kind of forgotten that baseball was played 50 years prior to then.

But, there are names that still hold their weight today and Cy Young is one of those names; if not the most prominent one.  After spending some time researching his pitching career, it is very clear to me who the greatest pitcher of all-time is.  It’s just too bad that this generation and future ones have little to look back to so we can witness it for ourselves even if it is not live.

Check out some of these amazing feats:

  • holds the record for all-time wins with 511
  • started an amazing 819 games during his career; pitching the full 9 innings in 749 of them
  • (5) 30+ win seasons & (10) 20+ win seasons
  • 2,803 career strikeouts
  • (5) 400+ innings pitched in 1 season & (11) 300+ innings pitched in 1 season
  • (4) seasons with an ERA lower than 1.00
  • in 22 year career, only had 1 season with an ERA higher than 2.00

There is no one to compare Cy Young to.  His numbers are greater than any of the competition during his time and versus any players since.

I can absolutely see why the award for baseball’s best pitcher is named the Cy Young award.

What Ever Happened To Andy Van Slyke???

It can be argued that Andy VanSlyke was part of baseball’s best outfield during the 1980’s.  As a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates, VanSlyke joined Barry Bonds and Bobby Bonilla in what could be considered the best offensive and defensive outfield during the 80’s.

VanSlyke played for 4 teams over his 16-year career.  He also played in 4 League Championship series and 1 World Series.

VanSlyke is a lifetime .274 hitter, with 164 home runs and 792 RBI’s to his credit.  But VanSlyke’s defense is what made him shine in the majors.  His career accomplishments include being a 5-time Gold Glove winner, a 3-time All-star, and a 2-time Top 5 finisher as the National League’s MVP.

Today Andy VanSlyke is the first base coach for the Detroit Tigers joining his old manager’s(Jim Leyland) team.

Another Billy Williams Autograph For My Collection…

 I was able to scoop up this beauty for only $7.00 on Ebay.  I love the overall design of the card and the fact that the design incorporates ‘Cubbie Blue’ only makes this more of a favorite!!!

Another sweet Billy Williams autograph added to my collection!!!