HOF eligible players in 2009 – Who Gets in???

Below is a list of all of the 1st time eligible players for baseball’s Hall of Fame.  This list has some pretty interesting names, many of which are former baseball all-stars.

So, who gets in and who doesn’t??? 

2009: Steve Avery, Jay Bell, Mike Bordick, John Burkett, David Cone, Ron Gant, Mark Grace, Rickey Henderson, Todd Hundley, Orlando Merced, Denny Neagle, Jesse Orosco, Dan Plesac, Rick Reed, Greg Vaughn, Mo Vaughn, Matt Williams

Obviuos Choice – Rickey Henderson is an obviuos choice to be voted in on the 1st ballot he is eligible. The game’ greatest leadoff hitter and stolen base king.

The remainder of these guys have some pretty impressive individual year stats, but none worthy of Hall of Fame enshrinement in my opinion. 

Of the group, David Cone, Mark Grace, and Matt Williams are probably the 3 best all-around players, but neither of them did enough during their playing days to punch their ticket to Cooperstown.

Your thoughts?  Will any other player on this list besides Rickey Henderson get into the Hall of Fame??

8 responses to “HOF eligible players in 2009 – Who Gets in???

  1. Rickey Henderson’s the only first-timer that makes it in, I think.

    David Cone was one of my favorites, but I agree that he really doesn’t have the numbers to merit Hall-of-Fame induction.

  2. If guys like Jim Rice, Jack Morris and Bert Blylevin aren’t in then this list of guys doesn’t have a prayer. Most of them probably won’t even get enough votes to be on the ballot a second year.

  3. Yeah, Rickey Henderson is the only first-timer getting in. Probably Jim Rice from the hold-overs. … If Matt Williams ever gets in, I’m boycotting. Absolutely despised that guy when he was playing.

  4. I can not wait to hear Henderson’s HOF speech. He’s in w/ a ton of votes…

    I am hoping that Rice makes it. I think he deserves to a HOF member.

    Grace might make it in one day.

  5. Besides Rice, Dawson and Blyleven, I think the only one who is close is Grace, just because of his personality. He was a career 0.303 hitter but didn’t quite get to 2500 career hits. Of course if Grace gets in Keith Hernandez should too, and I don’t think that’s going to happen. Personally I’m hoping for Henderson, Rice and Hawk. and that’s it. Possibly Lee Smith too (478 saves?!?!?!)

  6. I’m hoping that Harold Baines gains a few votes.

  7. My votes would go to Mike Bordick, Orlando Merced, and Rick Reed….


    Seriously, only Rickey Henderson will even come close to getting in from this list. I’ll be pulling for Andre Dawson and Bert Blyleven too, and I sincerely hope that the writers don’t lower the Hall’s standards by putting in Jim Rice.

  8. The man who doesn’t vote for Rickey needs to shot into space with the Bond 756 home run ball.

    I’d also like to see Rice and Blyleven get in and for Raines and Baines to get a few votes but with the intensely stupid voting that’s been going on recently I’m not counting on anyone getting in ever again at this point.

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