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1982 Topps All-Star Andre Dawson

1982 Topps All-Star Andre Dawson

Nice!!!  I just added this All-Star card to my Andre Dawson collection and now have all of his cards from 1982.  The colors in the design of this card perfectly match Dawson’s uniform.  And although this card is from 1982 this card screams 70’s to me – maybe it’s the afro, or those great old-school Expos uniforms!!!

Happy Anniversary Carlton Fisk!!!

On this day in 1975 you hit a home run in the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds that continues to get major television time 33 years later.

This home run is just like any home run, but with a camera angle unlike any other, it stands alone and is considered one of the greatest home runs in World Series history!!

Normally when a home run is hit, we sit in awe as we watch the ball leave the playing field and reach the bleachers.  But for this shot, we got to witness the hitter as he watched the ball leave the playing field.  Watching Fisk waive the ball into fair territory and then the joy crossing his face as he realizes that the ball is indeed a home run is a vantage point that we have not seen often before.

And the rest is baseball history…  Happy Anniversary Mr. Fisk!!!

1 More Billy Williams Autograph For The Collection…

I couldn’t resist this one.  I don’t particularly care for the overall design of this card, but Wiliams’ signature looks great.

The fact that he has added the inscription ’61 ROY’ made this a ‘must-have’ for my collection.  I have seen quite a few of the ‘HOF 87’ autographs from Billy Williams but this is the only version I have seen commemorating his Rookie of the Year award from 1961.

‘That Guy’ Turns Out To Be A Pretty Good Guy Too…

With the help of the wonderful Internet, I was able to track down my ‘That Guy’.  Keith ‘Kiki’ Jones currently lives in Tampa and is still very much in love with baseball.

After exchanging emails back and forth over the last week or so, I asked ‘Kiki’ if I could send him a card for his autograph.

He has graciously obliged and this letter will be going out in the mail tomorrow.