1982 Donruss Dave Winfield – Diamond Kings

1982 Donruss Dave Winfield – Diamond Kings

As a kid I always enjoyed Donruss’ Diamond Kings cards.  I found them to be a nice break from a boring set that lacked creativity.  They were always an added bonus when one of your favorite players was featured in this small sub-set.

But, this Winfield card is very disturbing to me…  Yes, I know it’s Winfield and I recognized him right away.  I just cannot stop staring at this card as it’s really bothering me.  I don’t know if it’s his eyes or maybe his grin or maybe his teeth or maybe the position of his head in this portrait but I find this to be a terrible looking card!!!

I guess you can’t get them all right, huh????

2 responses to “1982 Donruss Dave Winfield – Diamond Kings

  1. It’s the Pedosmile Grin!

  2. Its almost a 27 year old card! All those early 1980 players look old. Afros, side burns, & staches made them look fugly:)

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