Modernizing 2 Of Baseball’s Awards

I in no way would do anything to take away from the monumental careers that Cy Young and Jackie Robinson put together. 

But since major leage baseball will be naming their 2008 award winners in the coming weeks, I thought it would be fun to re-name the Cy Young award and the Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year awards giving them a more modern twist.

Ready??  Let’s play.  Here are the rules:

  1. The player has to have won this award in their career
  2. Awards must have been handed out during the 1980 season or after
  3. Pitchers are eligible for the ROY award

So, with all that being said here are my picks…

Baseball’s Best pitcher award will be renamed the ‘Greg Maddux Award’.  Over the course or Maddux’s career, he has won the Cy Young Award 4 times.  This award commemorates his excellence during the 1995 season in which Maddux won 19 games and lost only 2.  In that season Maddux pitched 209 innings while only allowing 147 hits.  He struck out 191 batters and walked a mere 23.  Maddux’s ERA for the 1995 season was 1.63.

Other players I considered were: Roger Clemens, Dwight Gooden, Orel Hershiser, and Randy Johnson.

The award for baseball’s best rookie will now be called the ‘Nomar Garciaparra Rookie of the Year Award’.  During Nomar’s rookie season in 1997, he batted an amazing .306 in 153 games.  Nomar also amassed 30 home runs and 98 RBI.  85 of Garciaparra’s 209 hits that season were for extra bases which displays his ability to hit for power and average.  Nomar won the ROY award in 1997 unanimously.

Other players I considered were: Fernando Valenzuela, Mark McGwire, Mike Piazza, and Ichiro.

Now it’s your turn.  Make your picks and let’s see who stands heads and shoulders above the rest of the field…

7 responses to “Modernizing 2 Of Baseball’s Awards

  1. I agree with Maddux bun none of the others. Clemens would of been a great pic but he ruined himself…. I think that there should be a Ken Griffey Jr. Award above and before any other players.

  2. It’s just a little too weird to name an award after a guy who’s still playing, so I’ll go with the Dwight Gooden Rookie of the Year Award and the Steve Carlton Award for pitchers.

    Gooden had the most dominant rookie season I can remember, so I’m naming the award in his honor despite his off-the-field problems.

    Carlton gets the nod despite not being very modern (he won his last Cy Young in 1982) because I really don’t want to name anything good after Roger Clemens and I don’t want to make it the Randy Johnson Award or the Greg Maddux Award while they’re still pitching.

  3. Maddux was the first guy I thought of for Cy Young.

    I’d rename the ROY to the Ichiro Suzuki award, He won MVP that year too and has been the most successful Japanese import. Cal Ripken Jr. was a close second in my mind.

  4. The Roger Clemens Award for the pitchers since he won one in both leagues and the Joe Charboneau award just for the sake of naming it after Joe Charboneau.

  5. i’ll go the other way, and suggest mark davis and todd hollandsworth. this way, the winners are reminded that they have had one comparatively good season, and should not take anything for granted.

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  7. Definitely the Greg Maddux Award for pitchers.

    As for rookies, I don’t know. I’m hesitant to name it after a pitcher like Gooden, unless it’s the Dwight Gooden Rookie Pitcher of the Year. McGwire had the most amazing rookie season ever as a position player, but that is tainted now with doubt. Perhaps the Albert Pujols Rookie of the Year (non-pitcher)?

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