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1987 Topps Reggie Jackson

1987 Topps Reggie Jackson

I’m on the fence when it comes to this card.  I feel like the ’87 Topps card is a cheap rip-off of the 1962 set.  I love the ’62 set, and find it’s design to be top-notch.  So for a card to mimic it’s look and then feature Reggie Jackson in an Angels uniform looks strange to me.  Maybe my mind would be changed if Reggie was wearing an old-school Oakland A’s uniform???  Who knows???

Sending An Autograph Request Out To Al Leiter…

 In anticipation of a future blog, I just sent this autograph request out to Al Leiter, former pitcher of the Florida Marlins.  I am hoping that he will sign these and return them to me in time for the post I am preparing about him and a very special night in his career…

Stay Tuned!!!!

A New Gem For My Collection…WoW!!!!

Truth be told, if it wasn’t for my Uncle this blog wouldn’t exist.  You see, my Uncle rekindled my interest in baseball a few seasons ago.  Back in the late1980’s I traded MLB for the NBA.  Moving to Chicago certainly eased this transition for me as I was moving from a state with just the NFL to a state with several incredible teams to choose from and 1 dominant NBA player that was making history on a nightly basis.

After a 15-year love affair with the NBA, I saw the game change and move in a direction I didn’t care for.  This also led to how games were played in the local parks and gyms I would frequent and I was turned off quite a bit.  I still love the game; I just don’t care for how it is played today and how the players treat it.  With the NBA season tipping off tonight, I am excited to see what the new season brings and I just hope that today’s players attempt to honor and restore some of the wonderful history of the league.

But, it was my Uncle that brought me back to baseball.  Weekly emails about the sport quickly became every other day emails and then became daily and then became whenever possible.  Reminiscing about my love for the game as a child and the sport back in the 1980’s quickly blossomed into talking about my old baseball card collection and how it evolved into something huge and then into nothing and now finally into something meaningful to me again.

If it wasn’t for my Uncle, I know that my interest in card collecting would still be suppressed inside of me.  If it wasn’t for my Uncle, there would be no ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.  I want to thank him for bringing baseball back into my life.  Maybe I’ll get him a little gift to show my appreciation for his kindness….

And then I got this in the mail yesterday…. 




A 1968 Topps autographed Fergie Jenkins card.  This is amazing, the autograph looks perfect and the Blue Sharpie is outstanding.  The scan looks great, but this card looks perfect in person!!!

So, all I can say again to my Uncle is ‘THANK YOU’.  THANK YOU for letting me know that it’s OK to go back and re-visit my youth.  THANK YOU for encouraging me to show my sons the fun I had as a kid collecting baseball cards.  And most of all, THANK YOU for bringing baseball back into my life!!!