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The 1989 Topps Design Is Really Starting To Grow On Me…

I’ve always liked the look of this card, but as I search through Ebay for player lots or cards to add to my player collections, the 1989 Topps issue looks better and better to me each time I pass one by.

As a kid, I probably had 2 or 3 complete sets of these.  And I probably had countless other rookie and star cards from the set in my albums.

But the impact of the overall design has not hit me until very recently.  I believe that the 1989 Topps set could pass as a vintage set from 20-30 before it’s release date.

Check out how well Topps incorporated the team colors of the player’s team with the trim and team logos on the card.


Now, here is an example of a close-up shot we would have expected to see back in the 60’s or 70’s.  A nice close-up shot of a player getting ready to take a practice swing.  Although the photo does not appear to be staged, it reminds me of the many images from the 60’s and 70’s of players mimicking what they do in a game.

Here is a great shot of the player at bat anticipating the pitch.  Although it is not an action shot since he is not swinging the bat, it reminds me of so many attempts Topps made in the 1970’s as they tried to provide real action shots when there was nothing really happening.

Lastly, the All-Star card.  This would have looked great as an issue from the 1960’s.  Imagine this card with a close-up of Frank Robinson or Hank Aaron.  This card’s design can withstand the test of time.

Is it just me, or does anyone else reading this have similar feelings about the 1989 Topps product?  As a player collector with no real interest in set building, I think that if I were to attempt a set it would be this one.  I love the look of the cards and being that this set is over 19 years old it could be considered vintage.  Hell, the look kind of gives it that feel too…

Let me know your thoughts?  Am I alone on this or do you agree as well??

1986 Topps Team Leader Andre Dawson

1986 Topps Team Leader Andre Dawson

Sometimes when I’m bored and have nothing to do I go outside and lay in my backyard looking up into the clouds.  It’s really amazing what you can see if you open your mind up and let your imagination take over…  I’ve seen dogs, owls, cars, and most recently I saw Andre Dawson…

Here, I took a picture… 

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

Gifts From ‘Project ’62’

I’ve experienced 2 great mail days in a row now, this one courtesy of Chris from ‘Project ’62’.  If you haven’t checked out his blog you should as his posts are pretty entertaining.  Chris is a Cubs fan and vintage baseball cards are what he craves… 

 I received 4 cards in total – 2 Billy Williams & 2 Fergie Jenkins

I didn’t have either, nor had I ever seen either of these Billy Williams cards prior.  I really enjoy the vintage photo thrown onto a modern design.  Of the 2, I have to say that card #2 really stands out to me as it has the look of a 40-year old card. 

I also got 2 more Fergie Jenkins cards to add to my player collection: The 1977 Topps card and the 1981 Fleer card.  I know that I have gone on and on about how unimpressive Fleer’s early baseball card releases are, but when the card features one of your favorite players you tend to let it slide.

Chris,  I truly appreciate your generosity as you have helped take my collection to the next level with these cards.  Thanks again!!!