KiKi Jones Delivers In Just 8 Days…

Wow, 3 straight days of great mail!!!  I can hardly wait to get home tonight to see what awaits me in my mailbox.  I hope it’s not the Visa bill….

As I mentioned last week in this post, I found ‘Kiki Jones’ through some searching on the Internet.  After a few rounds of email between one another I asked if I could send him a baseball card to get an autograph and he obliged.

Well, just 8 days later I found this in my mailbox!!!

I’ve blown up the size of the image to display the signature better.  I am not sure what type of pen was used to sign this, but it is not very clear.

Either way, I am really happy that Kiki agreed to sign this for me.  Kiki Jones was the first rookie that I ever obsessed over, way back in 1990, and although he did not make the type of impact in the sport that either he or I had wished for this autograph means quite a bit to me.

Thanks Kiki!!!

5 responses to “KiKi Jones Delivers In Just 8 Days…

  1. That’s nice. Jones is one of two 1990 Score Dodgers I need to complete the team set. And you’ve got it autographed!

  2. In 1990, I could have given you 100 of these and I still would have had plenty for myself…

  3. He needs to buy a new marker!

  4. Kiki Jones is my brother. I make sure he signs all cards that comes through the mail. Gerad he now uses a blue sharpie to sign autographs instead of the black one…lol. My brother had a try out on July 15th, 2010 and at age 40 he threw the fastest out of all the players there. Stayed tuned for the Kiki Jones comeback. I compare my brother to the movie “The Natural.”

  5. hello,
    what is a good address to send to him as i have been trying to get an autograph of him for over 20 years! i would love to have an autograph of him. please let me know where i can send a card to him to autograph. thank you.

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