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What Ever Happened To Ben McDonald???

Ben McDonald was one of the most highly decorated pitchers when he was drafted #1 by the Baltimore Orioles in 1989.  A Gold medal winning pitcher for the US Olympic team in 1988, as well as being the winner of the Golden Spikes award and a collegiate All-American solidified his spot as the nation’s best amateur pitcher.

In McDonald’s first game as a starter for the Baltimore Orioles he threw a complete game shut-out and appeared to be ready to live up to the hype of being the first pick in the draft. 

Unfortunately, Ben McDonald was never able to escape the constant demand and pressure put on him due to his success in college.  Although we has a winning record of 78-70 over 9 seasons, he never did achieve the lofty aspirations placed upon him by baseball’s scouts and management.

In 2008, Ben McDonald was elected into the College Baseball Hall of Fame.  His college career was certainly far more impressive than his professional one….

1984 Donruss Andre Dawson

1984 Donruss Andre Dawson

I love this card, but have just 1 complaint.  The color seems to be off.  The usually very light powder blue color of the Expos uniform seems too dark in this shot.

Other that that, this card is a winner.  Look at the concentration on Dawson’s face as he gets prepared to watch the ball come towards him.  Very similar to Dave Stewart, Dawson had a stare that would scare me if I were the opposing player.

Happy Birthday Fernando Valenzuela!!!

Today is Fernando Valenzuela’s 48th Birthday!!!

So here is a ‘Happy Birthday’ cheer for a man that captivated the sport of baseball and the city of Los Angeles when he debuted as a major league player in 1981.  I firmly believe that if it wasn’t for Fernando and the ‘Fernando-Mania’ that followed as he became a baseball star, there would be fewer Latin players in the sport today.  Of all of the Latin players that have been in the league since 1980, Valenzuela’s impact on the sport and in the Latin sports culture should be recognized as the greatest.

Amazingly enough, Valenzuela still gets out there and competes.  Although not at a major league level anymore, Fernando can still be seen in Mexico and other Latin countries playing the sport he loves.

Happy Birthday Fernando!!!  You are a true inspiration!!!