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Baseball’s MVP Award Should Be Named After…

I found it very interesting who you thought that the name of the Cy Young and Rookie of the Year awards should be changed to if baseball decided to give these awards a modern twist.

Let’s do the same thing with the MVP award.  The rules are the same:

  1. The player has to have won this award in their career
  2. Awards must have been handed out during the 1980 season or after
  3. Pitchers and position players are eligible

There have been some incredible statistical seasons in the last 30 years.  Barry Bonds, Cal Ripken, Dale Murphy… and the list goes on and on!!

I am proud to announce that I will call the MVP award the ‘Mike Schmidt Most Valuable Player Award.’  Schmidt won the award 3 times in a 7 year span and ended up with 8 Top 10 finishes.  Schmidt is one of baseball’s most complete players offering the perfect mix of offense and defense.


1984 Topps All-Star Andre Dawson

1984 Topps All-Star Andre Dawson

How often do you think Andre Dawson took the field in front of nobody??  Probably not too often.  I’ve always been a fan of All-Star cards as they pay tribute to the better players in the league. 

It’s kind of funny to see an Expos card without the powder-blue uniforms…