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Where Does Frank Thomas Rank????

I had the pleasure of watching Frank Thomas during his early days in baseball.  Living in Chicago at the time gave me insight and access to seeing him play more than someone not sharing a home town with him.

But who would have thought that ‘The Big Hurt’ would have ended up having such an incredible career?  Even as a rookie, you could see that he was extremely talented, but I don’t know if anyone would have expected him to reach the greatness that he did.

 Check out how well Thomas’ stats match up to some of baseball’s elite players: 

Player Hits Average HR RBI MVP’s
Frank Thomas 2468 0.301 521 1704 2
Ernie Banks 2583 0.274 512 1636 2
Willie McCovey 2211 0.270 521 1555 1
Mickey Mantle 2415 0.298 536 1509 3
Ted Williams 2654 0.344 521 1839 2


Make no mistake about it, Frank Thomas belongs in the same company with these guys and will someday join them in the Hall of Fame.  But is he better?  Does he deserve to be mentioned with a different class of players?  Obviously his career batting average cannot compare to Ted William’s incredible numbers, but not many players have been able to equal or surpass them.  Now take a look and compare Thomas to Mickey Mantle.  WOW!!!  I was shocked to see how equal these 2 careers have been.  If Thomas played in New York, would he be the hero that ‘The Mick’ was back in the 1950’s and 60’s???  It’s certainly debatable…

Your thoughts?  Where does Frank Thomas rank amongst baseball’s greatest hitters? 

1985 Dave Winfield – Topps, Fleer, and Donruss

1985 Dave Winfield – Topps, Fleer, and Donruss

What a sweet trio of cards!!!  The cards from 1985 all look great.  If I had to rank these in order of my preference it would be: Topps, Donruss, and then Fleer.  I don’t know why card companies insisted on using such lame poses when incredible action photos were available.

My Dave Winfield collection is starting to really take shape!!!