Daily Archives: November 7, 2008

“Now Batting, Center Fielder, Cameron Maybin”

Well, it looks like Cameron Maybin’s impressive end of season play has earned him the starting Center Fielder position on next year’s Florida Marlins team.


This is great news!!!  Although nobody should expect Maybin to duplicate what he did in the last few weeks of the 2008 season, it is great to see that he will be with the team on Opening Day 2009!!!  I have never been to a game on Opening Day, but I might not be able to say that for too much longer as I would love to be there to watch him play on one of baseball’s best days of the year.

This just goes to show that hard work truely does pay off.  Congratulations Cameron!!!


Andre Dawson: “I Love You, Man” – TTM Success

Words cannot describe how excited I became when I saw one of my envelopes for an autograph in my mailbox last night.  When I saw that the envelope was stamped in Miami I became even more anxious….

Then I ripped it open and out they came…


My beautiful 1983 Topps and 1988 Topps cards signed by my favorite player from the 1980’s: Andre Dawson.  All of this in just 9 short days too…  Man, this is awesome!!!

But wait, what is this extra card in the envelope??  Hey wait a minute I only sent ‘The Hawk’ 2 cards, but there are 3 in the envelope…  BAM!!!  A 1978(2nd year) Topps card also signed by Andre!!!!  How sweet is this???


I should run out and pick up a few lotto tickets, because I am never this lucky!!!

Thanks Andre, you just made this long-time fan extremely happy!!!!