Daily Archives: November 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary Frank Robinson!!!

On this day in 1966, you became the first player in major league history to win the Most Valuable Player award in both the American and National Leagues.

What an amazing feat!!!  In 1961, you won the award as a member of the Cincinnati Reds.  With a .323 batting average while hitting 37 home runs and driving in 124 runs made you a Triple Crown threat.  And then to follow that up just 5 years later in the American League during your first season with the Baltimore Orioles is truly amazing.  In 1966 you hit .316 while hitting 49 home runs and accumulating 122 RBI’s.

Here’s to you Mr. Robinson(insert Simon and Garfunkel)!!!  Congratulations!!!


What Ever Happened To Kevin Seitzer???

Kevin Seitzer made his major league baseball debut by tearing up American League pitching in 161 games in 1987.  In Seitzer’s rookie season he compiled 207 hits while finishing the season with a .323 batting average.  Seitzer also made the All-Star team in his rookie season and finished second in the Rookie Of The Year voting to Oakland’s Mark McGwire.

Seitzer maintained his impressive hitting for 12 season in the big leagues.  He finished his career with a solid .295 batting average with 1,557 total hits.

Like many rookies from the 1980’s Seitzer was never able to repeat the success he enjoyed during his rookie season.  Even though he finished his career with 6 seasons of  hitting .300 or better, he never did maintain the league-wide popularity that he had in his first big league season.

Kevin Seitzer was on his way to becoming a baseball superstar.  Had he played in a major market, who knows how much more exposure he would have gained.  But playing professional baseball in such small market cities as Kansas City, Milwaukee, Oakland, and Cleveland is not the road map to success or baseball popularity.

In 2006 Seitzer was a hitting coach for the Arizona Diamond Backs.  When the 2009 season begins, Seitzer will be the hitting coach for the team he enjoyed most of his success with – The Kansas City Royals.