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Hom Much Did Jason Giambi Get Paid For This???

Seriously.  All Giambi had to do was sit there and not laugh out loud as he was verbally attacked by Tracy Morgan.  Whatever he got paid to do this, I would have done it for half the price!!!

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1983 Donruss Dave Winfield

1983 Donruss Dave Winfield

I like the bat and glove design that Donruss had on their 1983 issue.  It works well with the overall design and completes a nice flow to the card’s look.

Again, I want my Winfield cards to show his full body and if he’s swinging the bat I want to see the whole bat too.  I appreciate that the photographer got us an up-close action shot but how much more appealing would this picture be if we could see the full bat after he completes his swing and sprints towards first base. 

Finally, The Contest Can Begin!!!

This week, major league baseball will hand out it’s awards.  We will finally find out how will be taking home the titles of 2008’s Manager of the Year, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, and Most Valuable Player.

There are some great players in line to take home the hardware, so let’s sit back and watch what unfolds.

For all of you that entered the contest I am running, Good Luck!!!

I’ll email the winner of the contest as soon as all 8 award winners are announced.  And don’t forget, the winner gets their choice of 1 of 9 autographed baseball cards….