Mark Grace Autograph TTM Success

I sent this card out to Mark Grace back in late August with my first round of autograph attempts through the mail.  73 days later I am proud to say that ‘Amazing Grace’ is back home!!!

It looks like this card really took a beating though.  The autograph looks great, but there are dings on all of the card’s corners and there is even a very large crease to the left of Grace’s helmet.  The envelope I received this card back in appeared to be in great shape so I was pretty surprised by the condition of the card upon ripping the envelope open.

Either way, I am really happy to have a signed card by one of my Cubs of all-time…  Thanks Gracey!!!


4 responses to “Mark Grace Autograph TTM Success

  1. Now if he would leave the D-Backs and come replace Bob Brenley the world would be perfect. Looks like I’m going to have to send one off now too. Too bad about the card though!

  2. We sent off to Shawon Dunston, Josh Hamilton, Corey Patterson, and Mike Harkey back in spring training. So far, Harkey is the only one we’ve received back.

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