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1986 Donruss Andre Dawson

1986 Donruss Andre Dawson

I really didn’t care for the 1986 Donruss design; I found it to be extremely busy.  But with this picture of Andre Dawson featured it works.  I don’t know if it was the horizontal lines of the border or if it was the off-center framing of the player’s photo but this card always hurt my eyes… especially when scanning through hundreds at a time looking for just 1 or 2 commons needed to complete a set!

This is just another one of those cards that displays the increidble concentration of Dawson’s while at bat.  You’ve got to love ‘The Hawk’!!!!

Continuing The Frank Thomas Discussion….

I just didn’t want to put this subject to rest.  In fact, I am more intrigued about Frank Thomas right now than I have been in the last decade.  I always thought he was wonderfully talented, but I never realized how strongly his offensive stats compared to many of baseball’s elite players.

There were some increidbly eye-opening comments on my original post about ‘The Big Hurt’ from last week so I have decided to dig a little deeper to see just who Thomas does compare to and who he is better than.

Here are a few more comparisons in the major offensive categories:

Player Hits Average Home Runs RBI MVP Awards
Frank Thomas 2468 0.301 521 1704 2
Manny Ramirez 2392 0.314 527 1725 0
Mike Schmidt 2234 0.267 548 1595 3
Alex Rodriguez 2404 0.306 553 1606 3
Reggie Jackson 2584 0.262 563 1702 1


WOW!!!  There are a few glaring numbers that stand out in this comparison but again, look at how Frank Thomas holds his own against the competition.  And with very little publicity or recognition…

Obviously Thomas was a better contact hitter than Mike Schmidt and Reggie Jackson as his career batting average is 30+ points higher than both of theirs.  They all have similar home run and RBI totals, and I find it kind of odd that Manny Ramirez is the only member of this group that has never won an MVP award.

And not to get off subject, but when looking at A-Rod’s stats, it is amazing what he has compiled in just 15 seasons as many of these other guys are closer to the 20-season mark.  WoW!!!!  By the end of his career, A-Rod could go down as the most dominant offensive player of all-time!!!!

Ok, back to the ‘Big Hurt’ now.  Does this group offer a better comparison than my original post?  Where does he rank amongst these players?  Are there others you consider him to be on par with that I have not mentioned?  Let’s keep this post going with some more feedback.