Daily Archives: November 13, 2008

Can Anyone Provide Infrmation About This Card????

I’ve been neglecting my Rickey Henderson collection a bit and need to focus on getting more of Rickey’s cards.  I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for my Andre Dawson and Dave Winfield collections, so I guess Rickey has taken a backseat.

Not any more though…

I was searching on Ebay just checking out what Rickey cards could be found at low prices when I stumbled on this.


I know that this card was issued by Upper Deck and is part of their 1991 set.  I am only going after cards issued up to 1989 so I don’t need to by this for my player collection, but I am a sucker for any cards that are labeled as ‘Record Breakers’ or cards that depict ‘Historical’ events in baseball.  Being that I am a Rickey Henderson collector I feel that this card should be part of my collection due to it’s significance even though it falls out the range of years I am trying to obtain.

So, I want to get this card but I see that there are 2 versions.  1 has the date of May 1, 1991 on the base that Henderson and Lou Brock are holding and 1 does not. 

My question to you all is:  What is the story behind this card??  If there are 2 issues is 1 more rare than the other?  Are they both part of the same set?  Any and all information any of you can provide would be great.

Thanks in advance!!!

Going After Another Mark Grace Autograph TTM

I don’t consider myself to be a selfish person.  Hell, I have a laundry list of players from the 1980’s that I want to send autograph requests to.  But, I want what I want.  And I really wanted to add a nice Mark Grace autograph to my collection, which I successfully did.

But, I cannot get over how damaged the card was when I got it back a few months later.  In my relatively minor experience with getting autographs through the mail, this is the first time something has been returned to me in an obviously damaged state.  I certainly don’t blame ‘Gracey’ for this, so I have to just assume that my envelope was tossed around by a couple of renegades at the Post Office.

So, I am going to try to obtain a few more signatures from one of my favorite Cubbies.  My first request to Grace was sent to the Arizona Diamondbacks organization, but after doing a little on-line research I believe I have found another address for Mark Grace that people have successfully received autographs from.

So today, this is in the mail:


Wish me and these cards luck for a safe voyage!!!!