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My 1st Baseball Card Trade In 15+ Years

My, it has been a while.  What used to be one of the most fun activities of my youth has been restored, even for this short moment.

Trade – the act or process of buying, selling, or exchanging commodities, at either wholesale or retail

So, that is exactly what I’ve done.  When Chris from Project ’62 posted a purchase of a Fergie Jekins 1970 Topps card I was jealous as this is a card missing from my Fergie collection.  When he offered it up to me I had to act, yet my resources are very limited.  Knowing that Chris is a Cub’s fan, I offered up the only non-Billy, non-Andre, non-Fergie card that I had.  Chris has since declared that he will continue to focus on Ryne Sandberg cards so this may open up the possibility of more trades to come!!
And as they say, the rest is history….
I traded this: 


 To get this:


 And low and behold, Chris offered up another surprise for me which can be seen below:

dawson-dkThanks Chris!!!

1984 Fleer Andre Dawson

1984 Fleer Andre Dawson

The 1984 Fleer design is pretty bland, but this card is a winner.  I love how the blue striping of the card’s design works with Dawson’s uniform and Expos logo.  This design wouldn’t cut it for a Cardinals or Orioles player, but any Expos or Cubs card from this set should look pretty sharp!!!