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1987 Andre Dawson – Topps, Fleer, and Donruss

1987 Andre Dawson – Topps, Fleer, and Donruss

What a sweet trio of cards!!!  I have just added all of these to my Andre Dawson collection.  These are Dawson’s last base cards from his days with the Montreal Expos. 

Of the 3 cards, the 1987 Fleer card really stands out.  I love the camera angle and the 3-D effect!!!

What Ever Happened To Todd Zeile???

Todd Zeile can be characterized as baseball’s greatest ‘Journey-Man’ from the last 30 years.  In 16 seasons in the big leagues, Zeile played for 11 different teams.  For Zeile, every game probably felt like a road game as he changed teams 11 times in the last 10 years of his career.

Amazingly enough, Zeile was still able to excel while never given the chance to acclimate himself to a ball park he could call home.  A lifetime .265 hitter with 253 home runs and 1110 RBI, Zeile made himself a solid contributor to many of the teams he played for. 

Zeile’s willingness to do whatever it took to help his team win is made abundantly clear by the positions he played in the majors.  He was drafted into the major leagues as a catcher, but was quickly converted to 3rd base as his coaches wanted his bat in the line-up on a daily basis.  Zeile also spent time at 1st base and in the outfield as well.  Of the 2,099 career games Todd played in, only 130 of them were at catcher, the position he knew best.  Zeile even made 2 pitching appearances during his career.  He pitched a total of 2 innings of relief work and has a career ERA of 22.50.

Some very interesting Todd Zeile facts:

  • only player in major league history to hit a home run for 11 different teams
  • family tree links back to the United States’ 2nd president – John Adams
  • hit the last home run against Montreal Expos
  • last at-bat as a major league player resulted in a home run

Today, Todd Zeile is enjoying life in California living with his wife and 4 children.  He owns a production company and has been spotted in several episodes of ‘The King of Queens’ on CBS. 



I would never suggest that the powerful Ebay has been challenged by another marketplace e-commerce website, but www.checkoutmycards.com offers a pretty unique shopping experience for the baseball card hobbyist.   The gimmick is that they house all of the cards in their facility so when shipped they all come from the same place, causing the consumer to save quite a bit on shipping costs.

I found this website while surfing ‘the blogs’ one day.  I believe it was Matt from Heart Breaking Cards Of Staggering Geniuswho first introduced me to the site while doing a video break of his 1st purchase with them.  Quickly after watching the video, I jumped over to their site and found it to be pretty easy to navigate.  The big bonus in my opinion is that the image you are seeing is the card you are buying.  No stock images, no stealing pictures from another seller.  What you see is what you get….

So I made my first purchase.  I bought 22 cards from 7 different sellers.  If I had done this on Ebay, the shipping and handling fees would have combined to be $25 or more.   But, with this new site, I paid a little more than $8 which is not bad at all.

You will be seeing quite a few posts in the coming days as I highlight my purchases from this site.  There will be plenty of Andre Dawson and Dave Winfield posts as well as a few surprises too…

Stay tuned.  And check out www.checkoutmycards.com for yourself!!!!