Daily Archives: November 20, 2008

Fergie Jenkins 1982 Donruss

Fergie Jenkins 1982 Donruss

This is one of the cards I picked up in my first purchase with www.checkoutmycards.com.

Fergie looks like a cool-cat in this photo.  His Texas Rangers hat is holding back what appears to be a monstrous afro – perfect for an early 1980’s portrait.


1989 Score Dave Winfield

1989 Score Dave Winfield

I like the Score product, and this is a nice addition to my Dave Winfield collection.  The only thing that could make this card better would be a huge smile from Mr. Winfield as he rips this pitch into the outfield!!

What do you think?  Double, Triple, Home Run on this swing???

Lou Brocks Teaches His Secrets On How To Steal Bases…

These old clips are pretty entertaining.  I wonder what Lou thought when he read this script…  He probably thought “$$$$$”. 

A Gift From 78 Topps…

When I got home from work tonight, there was a small envelope awaiting my arrival.  Over the past few weeks, I have had several readers and fellow bloggers tell me that they were willing to supply me with cards to help me complete some of my player collections. 

Well, Andy from ’78 Topps’ delivered this beautiful 1983 Fergie Jenkins ‘Super Veteran’ card!!!!

If you haven’t already been doing  so, you really need to check out his blog.  ’78 Topps’ is exactly that, a blog set up to review and discuss the ’78 Topps’ baseball card set.  Andy is breaking down each card offering up details about the stats for each player found on the backs of these cards as well as a tally of hall of famers, deceased players, and other interesting tidbits for your reading enjoyment. 

Thanks again Andy.  Now go check out ’78 Topps’ for yourself!!!!