Mike Mussina Calls It Quits

Finally the rumors have become fact. After 18 seasons in the major leagues, Mike Mussina has retired from the game of professional baseball.

Although Mussina has rarely been mentioned as one of the greatest pitcher’s from his era, his numbers are quite impressive.  Having played his entire career for just 2 teams – the Orioles and Yankees – Mussina has compiled some pretty solid stats.

In his 17 years as a full time starting pitcher,  Mussina recorded double-digit wins in each season.  The most impressive part of this is that accomplished this while playing for a Baltimore Orioles team that was terrible for most of Mussina’s early years with the team.  With a lifetime win/loss record of 270 & 153, ‘The Moose’ finishes his career with a very solid 63% winning percentage.

Mike Mussina was only selected as an All-Star 5 times during his playing days; but he did finish in the Top 6 for the Cy Young Award a very respectable 9 times.  Again, this is very impressive for a player that was never known as a dominant pitcher.  Clearly, his reputation as a solid pitcher that was going to give you good innings helped his cause.

So, where does Mike Mussina rank amongst the pitchers from this era??  Is he Hall of Fame worthy??

When I think about the bestpitchers in the game over the last 20 years, Mike Mussina’s name does not enter the picture.  But, when you look at his entire body of work, there are pitchers in the Hall of Fame that are very comparable.  So, YES, I do think that Mike Mussina will get into Cooperstown.  I don’t believe that he is a 1st ballot electee, but give him 3 or 4 attempts and I see him in there.  Then the big question will be what hat does he wear…

Your thoughts???


3 responses to “Mike Mussina Calls It Quits

  1. First Ballot – in the era of 5 man rotatoins 250 Wins is like 300 in prior eras. And who had more Ws then him in his era Maddux, Glavine, the Unit, and the Rocket – and one can debate Clemens’ eligibility. Thats it. He is top 4 possibly top 3. .

  2. His numbers are good enough to get these days.

    He will make it into the HOF…. But whats really screwed up is that Santo and Rice havent….

    I think Santo & Rice deserve to be in Cooperstown before a pitcher like Mussina.

  3. I would have to disagree. I would not vote him in and here is why: http://www.ontheblack.com/2008/11/19/next-stop-for-mussinacooperstown/

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