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Fergie Jenkins May Be The Most Underrated Pitcher Of All Time!!!

I am going to try to be as objective as possible with this post.  But by now, you should certainly know that I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for Fergie Jenkins.

I am almost done reading his autobiography, and the more I read and learn I am feeling more and more confident that he belongs in conversation about the game’s best pitchers from the last 50 years.  Unfortunately the media during his career and after, do not see him in the same light. 

When you hear Fergie’s name mentioned one of the first stats mentioned is 6 consecutive 20 win seasons.  This is certainly impressive, but it is not the only impressive feat he has accomplished.

So, what I am going to try to do is compare Fergie’s numbers to some of baseball’s other great pitchers from the last 50 years and see how he stacks up.  And, as always I would like to hear from you, the reader, as to where you place Fergie among this elite grouping.

Player Wins Losses Win % 20-Win Seasons Shut-outs Career ERA K’s Walks K:Walk Ratio Cy Young Awards
Fergie Jenkins 284 226 56% 7 49 3.34 3192 997 3.2 1
Tom Seaver 311 205 60% 5 61 2.86 3640 1390 2.6 3
Nolan Ryan 324 292 53% 2 61 3.19 5714 2795 2.0 0
Bob Gibson 251 174 59% 5 56 2.91 3117 1336 2.3 2
Jim Palmer 268 152 64% 8 53 2.86 2212 1311 1.7 3
Gaylord Perry 314 265 54% 5 53 3.11 3534 1379 2.6 2
Sandy Koufax 165 87 65% 3 40 2.76 2396 817 2.9 3
Steve Carlton 329 244 57% 6 55 3.22 4136 1833 2.3 4


It would be fair to say that these guys all have similar stats.  While no one can match Ryan’s strikeout levels, the same can be said for Carlton’s Cy Young awards and Fergie’s K:walk ratio.  But, they all played over the same period of years and each had what can be considered as a very respectable and superior career as a starting pitcher.

So, can anyone tell me why it took the Baseball Writers of America 3 years to vote Fergie Jenkins into the Hall of Fame???  Gibson, Ryan, Koufax, Carlton, Palmer, and Seaver all got in on their 1st ballot.  I just don’t get it.  What would make the writers treat Fergie Jenkins this way?  His numbers compare and in some cases are better than these guys.  All of these guys were voted into the Hall, with the exception of Koufax, within the same 6-7 year period…  I am truly puzzled by this.

I hear the words ‘sure-fire Hall of Famer’ thrown around so often.  You even get ‘He’s a 1st Ballot Guy’ every once in a while.  But, with number like Fergie’s, why would it take the writers so long to admit him into Cooperstown????

Please help me understand this.


George Brett Made Me Cry This Morning…

I am guilty.  I have the sense of humor of an 11-year boy.  This is something I am not ashamed of, so I embrace it, although my wife would like to see me act a little closer to my age…

This morning I received an email from a buddy of mine with this below link attached.  Check it out and now you’ll know what George Brett made me cry this morning.



I don’t care for Will Ferrell or Vince Vaughn all that much.  Today’s ‘comedians’ do very little that makes me laugh out loud.  But this, this was priceless…  Thankfully my boss was not in the office yet when I watched it!!!


Thanks Mr. Brett!!!