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1988 Donruss Andre Dawson

1988 Donruss Andre Dawson

How sweet is this 3-card set from the 1988 Donruss issue?  I am a big fan of the ‘bonus’ cards that card companies issued of the major stars in the 1980’s.  This is no exception.  I like the base card, but the Diamond King and MVP card make this trio a ‘must-have’ for any Andre Dawson collector!!

Incredible Gifts From ‘The Man Of Steal’

When I made the decision to come back to a hobby that I left 15 years prior, I was determined to be a better collector.  I was going to collect with a purpose and on a budget too!!  After careful review of the hobby’s landscape and all of the changes from the last decade and a half, I decided to solely collect players from my childhood that still remain my favorites.

When I announced that Rickey Henderson was among my favorites, I got an e-mail from Brad at Rickey Henderson Collectibles and over the course of the next few months we exchanged some thoughts on Rickey and our personal goals in collecting his cards and for Brad his memorabilia too.

Brad has provided me with 2 incredible gifts:

1 – A revised checklist of all of Rickey’s cards issued by the main brands from his rookie year of 1980 through the 1989 issues.  This type of list is essential for a player collector, and although my list was pretty good, it is now much more accurate and should be considered final.  To see my current position with this player collection as well as my others, click here.

2 – And then there were these waiting for me in my mailbox last night…. 





25 Rickey Henderson cards that I needed to add to my player collection!!!  WoW!!!!  I know that I was slacking on this a little, but Brad very quickly got me closer to completing this mission.  And in the process, my tally of Henderson cards has jumped from 19 to 44.  At one time I felt as if my Rickey collection had been forgotten as my focus was primarily on Dawson and Winfield.  But now, I have a renewed energy to go after this with fire and energy. 

So, how do you go about repaying someone for such a generous offer?  I have nothing to trade in return.  The only non-sports card item I have of Rickey’s is something that Brad obviously had too.  Still, even though he has repeatedly stated that he is just happy to give his doubles to a home that appreciates Rickey Henderson, I still feel the desire to compensate him somehow.  Money is impersonal, linking his blog to this post is a natural thing to do…  I will find some way to repay him for his kindness!!!!  TRUST ME!!!!