Daily Archives: November 28, 2008

Black Friday Sale for the Baseball Card Collector!!!

Check this out…  I received an email from www.checkoutmycards.com providing me with a $3 flat fee for shipping on any orders placed on Black Friday – November 28.

If you have never checked out this site, today is as good a time as any since the reduced shipping fee is only effective today.

Follow this link to get your $3 shipping. 


Happy Shopping!!

Happy Birthday Dave Righetti!!!

Happy Birthday ‘Rags’!!!

Today, Dave Righetti turns 51 years old.  This former Rookie of the Year award winner was one of baseball’s most dominant relievers in the 1980’s.  Righetti is one of the very few pitchers that was converted to a closer after spending the first 3 full seasons as a starter for the New York Yankees.  It seems to have paid off as ‘Rags’ finished hi career with 252 career saves.