Dave Winfield 1989 Topps

Dave Winfield 1989 Topps

The 1989 Topps design has quickly become one of my favorites from the 1980’s.  I like the style, I like the incorporation of the team’s colors, and I like the photography.  Well, most of the time I like the photos that they used.  This base card does nothing for me…  Who wants to see ‘Big Dave Winfield’ sitting on the bench?   Come on, show him making a pay in the outfield or hitting a ball over the fence or running the base paths.  Don’t show me a Hall Of Fame player riding the pine…  give me a break!!!


One response to “Dave Winfield 1989 Topps

  1. Dave looks old, tired, and worn out in the first card. Maybe it was b/c he was playing for the Yankees….

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