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1989 Topps Andre Dawson

1989 Topps Andre Dawson

I am really enjoying the feeling of conquering an entire brand’s issue of cards at one time.  These are 3 great looking cards from the 1989 set.  Of all of the multi-card sets I have added to my Andre Dawson collection, I think that this is the best looking bunch!!!

Rickey Henderson Finally Makes It Onto The Hall Of Fame Ballot…

It seems like this is long overdue.  Rickey certainly prolonged his retirement as he played well into his 40’s.  But Rickey Henderson and the Hall of Fame are a natural fit as he is certainly one of the best all-around players to ever have played the game.

If you think about all of the players that debuted in the majors after Rickey that are in baseball’s Hall of Fame, it is really a testament to his 25 season career.  Boggs, Gwynn, Sandberg, and Ripken Jr. are all players that got elected before Rickey but debuted in the big leagues years after his rookie season.

When I think Hall of Fame, I think of greatness.  The greatest hitters, the greatest pitchers, and the greatest fielders.  Some of the most logical tools out there to evaluate this would be the number of individual awards that a player has earned naming him as the greatest over the course of that specific season.  We have the Rookie of the Year award given to the best rookie.  We have the Cy Young award for the best pitcher.  We have the MVP for the best player.  And we have the Gold Glove for the best fielders.  Amazingly enough, after 25 seasons in the big leagues, Rickey Henderson was only honored with just 2 awards, the MVP in 1990 and the Gold Glove in 1981. 

It was Henderson’s approach to the game and approach at the plate that made him stand heads and shoulders above the other players that came into the league during the same time as him.  When at bat, you never knew if Rickey was going to hit one out of the park(he has 297 career home runs) or if he was going to get a single and then steal 2nd or 3rd base(he has 1406 career stolen bases) and eventually score(he has 2295 career runs scored).  What you did know was that you were watching one of the most exciting baseball players in the history of the game and he was going to entertain you every minute he was on the field.

Rickey Henderson should capture 98+% of the votes for his election into Cooperstown.  There are always those voters that seem to have grudges against certain players and take this as a chance to ruin the player’s opportunity to become a Hall of Famer on the first ballot.  Surely over the course of his 25 seasons Rickey has rubbed a few writers the wrong way and they will penalize him for it now.  But, the good news is that he will certainly be voted in on the first attempt and now we just sit back to wait for the speech to come next summer!!!!