Daily Archives: December 4, 2008

2008 Goudey Mini Billy Williams

2008 Goudey Mini Billy Williams – #64/88

This is card #7 of my recent 9-card purchase of Billy William’s modern-day cards.  I have no sense of what all of the alternate version cards are about and how rare they may or may not be.  This card has a serial number of 64/88 so it appears to be pretty rare in my eyes.  I have the base version of this card, and when I saw this for 25 cents I scooped it up.

Hell, I don’t know what a green mini is; it kind of sounds like something my son would see in one of his many Disney movies.  I do know that the Goudey product is one that appeals to me as they have done an excellent job of capturing the vintage style of card design and photography while using today’s technology to provide a superior product!!


Happy Birthday Lee Smith!!!

Today, one of baseball’s greatest relief pitchers is turning 52 years old.  Lee Smith is no longer a household name, but if you ask anyone who the Mariano Rivera of the 1980’s was, it was Smith!!! 

If I could give Lee Smith one gift for his birthday, it would be a vote for his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  At the time of his retirement, Smith was the career leader in saves, yet players with lesser accolades have been enshrined at Cooperstown while Smith remains as just another name of the ballot. 

Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Smith!!!