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Billy Williams & Ernie Banks Share A Piece Of Cardboard

Billy Williams & Ernie Banks – #3/50

This is card #8 of my recent 9-card purchase of modern-day Billy Williams cards.

What’s not to like about this card?  2 of the greatest Chicago Cubs players of all time on the same card…  And to be limited to just 50 cards made and I now own #3.  SWEET!!!

The only thing I don’t understand about this, is why they would use 1 color and 1 black and white image for this card.  That really doesn’t make much sense to me….  If both were the same, and ideally in B&W format, this card would be even more special!!! 


Player Collection Updates

After taking advantage of their $3 shipping offer, I received my purchase from www.checkoutmycards.com the other day.   I am pleased to say that I have added 3 more cards to my Fergie Jenkins Collection, 3 to my Dave Winfield Collection, and 6 more to my Rickey Henderson collection.

Here is a snap shot as to how these collections look now:

Player Started With As Of 10/16 Today Need To Get
Billy Williams 8 21 22 19
Fergie Jenkins 0 15 29 14
Andre Dawson 0 15 41 8
Rickey Henderson 2 16 39 20
Dave Winfield 1 26 59 5


Click this link to see in detail how well these collections are shaping up.

The focus has paid off!!!

Dave Winfield And Roger Clemens In A Baseball Video Game Commercial – Circa 1980

 I don’t remember this game as a kid.  By the looks of it, it appears to be a game issued in the mid-to-late 1980’s!!!  I imagine that by today’s standards this game would be classified as being pretty lame.  Still, the concept seems pretty unique.

Have any of you ever played this before????