Daily Archives: December 12, 2008

The Mystery Box Has Been Shipped…

The Mystery Box Has Been Shipped… it’s actually much smaller than this image.

I cannot tell you what it’s contents are just yet, but when this gets returned to me I will unveil it for all of you to see…  Stay tuned.


One Helluva Birthday Gift!!!

 I haven’t been big on birthday related events for the last decade or so.  I guess that there is no ‘landmark’ age to hit until I get to the ‘Big 40’ but I am more than a few years away from that.  Whew…

What I will say is that with 2 young sons, birthdays have started to mean more.  My oldest is 2 years and 3 months old.  He knows the ‘Happy Birthday’ song, and it was a great thrill for us to sing it over and over and over again last night while we had cake and I opened a few presents.

Speaking of presents, my wife always does an incredible job.  Admittedly, I’m pretty tough to shop for and I don’t really ask for anything.  I do like practical things that will be used often and she has really found some great stuff for me in the last few years.

But nothing, no gift, has been better than this….




Alonzo Mourning’s autobiography came out  a few months ago.  When I heard that he was going to take part in a book singing tour across the US, I wanted to be there to celebrate this book with him.  Unfortunately the schedules didn’t work out and I missed his 2 local appearances.  But my wife knew what to do and how to do it.  And the result is PERFECT!!!

I am a big-time Alonzo Mourning fan.  He and I moved to Florida at the same time.  For him it was to play basketball for the Miami Heat and for me it was after my high school graduation.  I enjoy watching Zo play, and the things he does off the court for charities is beyond commendable.  I’ve been to roughly 80 Miami Heat games, and Zo has made a huge impact on the team, the city, and his fans.  He has been through a hell of a lot over the last 5-6 years, but his positive attitude and desire to compete and win are admirable qualities that make him shine as a player and person.

Getting this signed book is wonderful.  I am eager to begin reading this as I am sure that I will uncover things about one of my favorite NBA players that I didn’t already know. 

To my wife and 2 young sons, I cannot thank you enough for this gift.  I will cherish it for many years to come.

Albert Pujols Puts Himself Alongside Elite Company

 By winning the 2008 Most Valuable Player in the National League, Albert Pujols has cemented his place as one of the game’s greats.  Pujols has won the award twice now with his first MVP trophy being picked up during the 2005 season.

Since 1980, only 7 other players in the game have won multiple MVP awards in a 4 year span.  Pujols now joins this elite group that includes:  Mike Schmidt, Dale Murphy, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Frank Thomas, and Juan Gonzalez.  If Albert is able to win one more award, the group becomes even more prestigious as it only includes Schmidt, Bonds, and A-Rod.

The odds??  Excellent.

In just 8 full seasons in the major leagues, Albert Pujols has a career average of .334.  With 1,531 hits and 319 home runs, Pujols is setting himself up to join the very exclusive 3000/500 club marking him as one of the best hitters the game has ever seen. 

When you take into consideration that Pujols has finished 2nd in the MVP race 3 times and 3rd 1 more time, I have to wonder if we are not taking Pujols’ amazing talent for granted.  Are we expecting his numbers to remain in this same pattern of .330/40/115 every year?  Thus, making it almost impossible for him to impress us any longer??  Is anything less than this considered a failure?