Daily Archives: December 14, 2008

Ryne Sandberg Shows His Humorous Side In This Commercial

 Ryne Sandberg was never known for his oustanding sense of humor and would probably be classified as a quiet, timid guy by most of his teammates.

Maybe that is what makes this commercial so much better!!!

1989 Fleer Rickey Henderson – Pop Quiz!!!

 1989 Fleer Rickey Henderson

Pop Quiz

What do you think Rickey is looking at??

A) The dugout

B) The 3rd base coach

C) The hot dog vendor

D) The blonde in the front row

E) None of the above 


Happy Birthday Craig Biggio!!!

Yep, Craig Biggio is celebrating his 43rd birthday today.

And what do you give this former catcher turned outfielder turned 2nd baseman turned outfielder for his birthday?? 

I give Biggio 9 more home runs.  That’s all.  Just 9 more trips around the bases.  9 more standing ovations…  This would give him 300 career home runs.  I don’t think that it is required for his candidacy into Cooperstown as he has done enough to get in without this milestone.  I just want there to be no question about his place among baseball’s greats!!