What Ever Happened To Jack Morris???

 Arguably the most underrated pitcher of the 1980’s, Jack Morris was a baseball stud!!

Morris had the most wins of any pitcher during the decade with 162, while finishing his career with 254 total wins.  Morris’ list of accomplishments is amazing, yet he never finished higher than #3 in the Cy Young Award balloting.  Check out these amazing Jack Morris highlights:

  1. Threw a no-hitter against the Chicago White Sox on April 7, 1984
  2. 5-time All-Star
  3. Top 9 contender for the Cy Young Award 7 times
  4. Top 20 contender for MVP 5 times
  5. 13 seasons with at least 14 or more victories
  6. 10 consecutive seasons with double-digit victories

And then there are Morris’ amazing World Series credentials.  Jack Morris is a 3-time World Series champion winning the title with 3 different teams – The Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays, and Minnesota Twins.  Morris was named the World Series MVP in 1991 due to his amazing pitching performance in Game 7 to clinch the title.  That’s pretty amazing stuff and shows how valuable his pitching experience was as he helped these teams get over the hump and claim their championships.

Today Jack Morris enjoys a more relaxed atmosphere.  He likes to fish and hunt and has been known to attend Spring Training with the Detroit Tigers to assist their pitching staff.  They’re certainly learning from one of the best!! 


4 responses to “What Ever Happened To Jack Morris???

  1. morris does radio for the twins as well.

  2. Jack Morris brings back memories of when the Jays didn’t suck!

  3. Studs Terkel's Ghost

    Jack Morris was a prima donna. One of the most unpopular men in baseball, which is why he will never even make the ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

  4. Didn’t he pitch 10 shutout innings or something like that in the ’91 Game 7 vs. Smoltz?

    It may take a while, but Morris deserves to be in HOF.

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