Daily Archives: December 19, 2008

The Seattle Mariners Did A Great Job With This Ichiro Commercial

 You know, for a small market team that gets very little publicity the Mariners did it right with this commercial.  Using their only ‘star’ player and recognizable face, they have effectively made Ichiro a likable guy while adding a laugh for us as well.

I’m really amazed that baseball hasn’t used Ichiro the way that the NBA has used Yao Ming.  Both sports are global, but the NBA has done a much better job in getting it’s sport and merchandise into the arms of it’s fans around the world.  Baseball should take note, as Ichiro is a rare player that can increase ratings and merchandise sales, and even make kids want to play the game of baseball….

Crossing My Fingers For A Lee Smith Autograph Through The Mail

To me, Lee Smith and Dennis Eckersley go hand in hand.  My favorite closers from the National League and American League during the 1980’s.

It was natural for me to try to get Smith’s signature so off another card goes with hopes of coming home with an autograph!!  Cross your fingers for me!! 


Hoping To Obtain A Dennis Eckersley Autograph Through The Mail

This one goes out to ‘The Ek’ today…

What can I say about Dennis Eckersley.  He was in the 1980’s what Mariano Rivera has been in the 2000’s – the best closer in baseball.  Other guys may have mad more saves, or a lower ERA over the course of any given season.  But, if I had to pick 1 closer from the 1980’s to come into the game in the 9th inning, it would absolutely be Dennis Eckersley!!!

I’ve read that ‘Ek’ is a hard signature to get through the mail, buy you can’t win if you don’t try.  So off it goes…. 


Seeking A Dale Murphy Autograph Through The Mail

In the mailbox it goes…

I have always been a big Dale Murphy fan.  In the 80’s while living in South Florida, we had no home team to cheer for.  So, I did the next best thing and tuned into WTBS every night to catch the Atlanta Braves.  The Braves were pretty bad back then, but they did have 1 superstar on their roster – Dale Murphy!!

Murphy was great.  He is a 2-time Most Valuable Player and I hope that I am successful in adding his autograph to my growing collection.  Wish me luck!!! 


The Mystery Box Is On It’s Way Back Home…

According to the UPS website, my ‘Mystery Box’ should be delivered to me on Monday.  Of course, this is just an estimate and with just 6 more shipping days before Christmas, it’s anyone’s guess as to if this will actually get to me by the promised date.

Cross your fingers for me.  Good or bad, the contents of this package will be posted for you on this blog as soon as the package arrives…

Stay tuned.