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1986 ToppsDave Winfield All-Star

Dave Winfield 1986 Topps All-Star

I don’t know why Topps converted to using such boring, close-up photos for their All-Star cards.  If it wasn’t for the strong headline on this card, you would never know that this was a card celebrating Dave Winfield’s election to the All-Star team.  Topps should have placed more effort onto card designs for these types of events as they tend to stand out to collectors as not being very important when in actuality that have greater significance than the regular, base cards.


Rumor Central: Ozzie Guillen & Lou Piniella Leaving Baseball

That’s right.  This is breaking news and you heard it here first at ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

Ozzie Guillen and Lou Piniella are leaving major league baseball to start a rap group based out of the ‘South Side’!!!

Here is their first single: