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1987 Donruss Highlights Andre Dawson

1987 Donruss Highlights Andre Dawson

 I scooped up this 2-card set for just $0.25.  I couldn’t resist.  Although it is not part of a base set of cards, these cards are important for the Andre Dawson collector as they highlight his amazing accomplishments from the 1987 baseball season

Highlight #1 – Andre Dawson is named Player of the Month in August of 2007

Highlight #2 – Andre Dawson sets the Chicago Cubs 1st year Home Run mark with 49 round-trippers


Happy Birthday Steve Garvey

Steve Garvey turns 60 years old today!!!

Garvey was a monster during the mid-to-late 1970’s while with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  From 1974 to 1981, Garvey finished in the Top 25 in the MVP race each season which confirms how solid of a player he was during the prime of his career.  While winning the award in 1974, Garvey hit .312 while slugging 21 home runs and driving in 111 runs.

So, what do you give a guy like Steve Garvey for his birthday? 

Why, a can of spinach of course!!!  Garvey was affectionately known as ‘Popeye’ by fans and teammates due to the enormous size of his forearms.  They seemed to serve him well as he smashed 272 home runs during his career!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Garvey!!!



Happy Birthday Steve Carlton

Steve Carlton turns 64 years old today!!

One of the greatest pitchers in the last 50 years, Carlton’s stats hold up against any and all of his competition.  This 4-time Cy Young Award winner won 329 games during his career while also striking out an amazing 4,136 batters.

If I could give Steve Carlton 1 gift for his birthday it would be 1 last appearance in a Philadelphia Phillies uniform.  Nobody wants to remember that his career ended with the Twins…

Happy Birthday Mr. Carlton!!