Mystery Box Contents Revealed!!!

My ‘Myster Box’ was waiting for me last night when I got home from work.

A little background…  I have been searching and even becoming a member of a few sports autograph websites.  You will see that I have added a few links to my ‘Hobby Links’ list. 

After doing quite a bit of homework and also having luck on my side, I saw that Fergie Jenkins was going to be speaking at an engagement in CT on 12/15.  Since it was already 12/13, I had to make some aggressive steps but I was able to speak with the president of the organization that Fergie was scheduled to speak with.  After telling him how much I would love to be there in person to meet and speak with Fergie personally, I asked if I could send something to him for Fergie to sign and I would also be happy to make a donation to the club.  He hesitated a little at first, but soon was providing me with his address and I quickly took inventory of what I needed to do and how I should go about getting it done.  After deciding that an autographed baseball would be the perfect addition to my collection, I also chose which card from my collection that I wanted signed.  I also added 4 more cards as a ‘Thank You’ for this great gesture of kindness.

A run down of the last 10 days:

  1. Stop at The Sports Authority on the way home from work to pick up an official major league baseball
  2. Sort through my cards and select one that I think would look great signed by Fergie Jenkins – pick 4 more to give as a ‘Thank You’
  3. Write a check to the club
  4. Pack it up – include a return shipping label for the items to be shipped back in
  5. Ship it out – via Next Day Air to arrive on the same day as Fergie(maybe they were on the same plane…)
  6. Wait
  7. Track on to ensure that package arrived safely and on time.  Good, it’s there.
  8. Wait
  9. Wait
  10. Track return shipment on to see if my items have been shipped back to me
  11. Wait
  12. OK, the box is on it’s way back to Florida
  13. Wait
  14. Wait
  15. Wait
  16. Wait a little longer
  17. BOOM!!!!  Waiting for me at the front door of my house just like reported!!

Here it is!!!!


How nice is this?  I asked to have the ball signed with the ‘HOF ’91’ inscription.  With Fergie, there are so many career milestones he could use, and all are incredible feats, but nothing is bigger than being a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame!!!  And the card is perfect too.  I got this card a few months ago in a 3/$1.00 bin and have always enjoyed it due to the color and design.  The card screams CUBS and the Blue Sharpie used for the signature just adds another awesome element to the match the card design and colors.

I am thrilled to add both of these great autographs to my collection.  The only thing that could have made this any better would have been to meet Fergie Jenkins in person.  But, to be honest, the thrill of this hunt over the last 10 days has just made the story that much more appealing and memorable to me.

Thanks Fergie!!!

4 responses to “Mystery Box Contents Revealed!!!

  1. OMG! That is the sweetest mystery box ever. 16 steps was well worth the wait! Fergie is awesome!

  2. Awesome autos and an even better story!

  3. Wait til you get to meet him in person. A nicer guy would be impossible to find.

  4. He looks like he would be mean. So does Dawson.

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