Mail Day Courtesy Of “Night Owl”

 The generosity of the blogger never fails to reassure me that we are a great group of entertaining and thoughtful people.  With so many new blogs popping up weekly in our little community, it has become harder and harder to remember what everyone collects.  With that being said, I received a nice 5-card package from Greg at ‘Night Owl Cards’ last night that perfectly mix with my player collections…

On to the cards:

1988 Topps Yankees Team Leaders featuring Dave Winfield and Willie Randolph.  This takes my Winfield collection needs down to just 4 cards…


 1989 Topps Box Bottom of Rickey Henderson and a 1982 Topps Oakland Athletics Team Leader card with Rickey Henderson and Steve McCatty.


 1982 Topps and 1982 Fleer Fergie Jenkins.  I am now very close to having all of Fergie’s cards issued during the 1980’s….  The 70’s will be tougher to get but I am certainly up to the challenge.


So a special ‘Thank You’ goes out to ‘Night Owl Cards’ for these great additions to my collection.  Your generosity is appreciated and has gotten me closer to my ultimate goal of completing these player collections.

Thanks Greg!

One response to “Mail Day Courtesy Of “Night Owl”

  1. You’re welcome. merry christmas.

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