Daily Archives: December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Rickey Henderson

Rickey Henderson turns ‘The Big 50’ today!!!!

Arguably the best player from the 1980’s, Henderson had the natural ability to do it all!!!  A master at the plate and on the base paths, seeing Henderson play live was worth the price of admission by itself. 

Baseball’s all-time record holder for most stoles bases in a career with an astounding 1,406 and with 81 career lead-off home runs, Henderson epitomizes what a lead off batter is supposed to do for a team – get on base and score runs!!

If I could give Rickey Henderson 1 thing for his birthday, it would be 1 more home run.  I wouldn’t care if it was a blast over the outfield wall or if he hit one into the gap between the center and right fielder and hustled around third base while then sliding head first into home plate.  I just want to see him with 300 career home runs!!  The number 299 seems like a rip-off to me…

Happy Birthday Rickey!!!


Wishing You A Merry Christmas!!!

Enjoy the day today.  Even if this is not your holiday to celebrate, take the time today to relax and enjoy being with your loved ones.  With all of the stresses life brings throughout the year, try to use this day as a time to relax and enjoy the good things about life – family, health, and happiness.

Merry Christmas from ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.


I know that many of you are suffering through a bitterly cold winter so I thought I would pass along this picture of a South Florida Christmas tree…. Enjoy!