Daily Archives: December 26, 2008

1989 Fleer Dave Winfield

 How high did ‘Big Dave’ hit that one???   My guess is somewhere between Mars and Jupiter….

I’m on the fence regarding the 1989 Fleer design.  For the Yankees, the colors work extremely well.  The Oakland A’s are another story…


Happy Birthday Ozzie Smith

The ‘Wizzard of Oz’ turns 54 years old today!!

Quite possibly the greatest defensive player of the last generation, Ozzie Smith could do no wrong.  A 13-time Gold Glove winner and 15-time All-Star, Smith was the heart and soul of the St. Louis Cardinals.  Smith was also a demon on the base paths.  With 580 career stolen bases and 1,257 runs scored, Smith possessed the speed and skills required to become a very successful player.

For Ozzie’s 54th birthday, I want to get him an appearance in the All-Star game in 1993.  This would have given Ozzie 16 consecutive appearances in baseball’s All-Star game.

Happy Birthday Ozzie!!!


Happy Birthday Carlton Fisk

Carlton Fisk turns 61 years old today.

Carlton Fisk was an 11-time all star catcher that held together some of baseball’s most diverse pitching staffs for 24 major league seasons.  A 7-time candidate for baseball’s MVP award, Fisk was the centerpiece for both the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox for a quarter century.

With 376 career home runs and 1,330 RBI, Fisk was a solid contirbutor to his team’s offense.  Throughout his entire career, Fisk was used as a DH, infieleder, and outfielder just to kepe his potent bat in the line-up.

So, what do you give the man known as ‘Pudge’ for his birthday??

In 24 years, Carlton Fisk only made it to the playoffs 2 times.  I would love to give him one more opportunity to shine during baseball’s playoffs!

Happy Birthday Mr. Fisk!!!