I LOVE What The New York Yankees Are Doing!!!

I am not a Yankee fan, although I do enjoy watching several of their players.  I love the sport of baseball; and I have for 25+ years now…

What the Yankees are doing is remarkable, and if I were a Yankee fan I would be thrilled with the product that they are putting on the field for us to watch.  Already with one of the most talented line-ups in all of baseball, what the Yankees have done in the last 20 +/- days should make any baseball fan drool…  Just imagine if your team added C.C. Sabathia, AJ Burnett, and Mark Teixeira to the line-up of your favorite team.  For the non-Yankee fan and even the Yankee-hater, you would have to be pretty impressed by the talent being brought to your locker room to help bring more trophies to your team.

With a new ballpark opening in the Spring of 2009, the responsibility of the Yankee’s management is to put the best product on the field that they can.  Hell, that goes for all GM’s across the league.  It’s just that the Yanks are willing to spend with no limit to get that done.  You can’t really blame them for that.  If the Florida Marlins or Kansas City Royals had the same kind of money, they would certainly follow suit and bring in the high-demand guys too.

As we all know, just because the Yankees are spending the most money it does not guarantee wins or World Series appearances.  Games still have to be played, and 162 games per season leaves a ton of room and time for anything to happen.  Look at last year, how many players on the Yankee roster made more than the entire starting line-up for the Tampa Bay Rays??  8-10 is not a bad guess…

So, while I sit back and wait for the season to start, I will not cast my vote yet for which team I think will escape out of the American League East this year.  What I will say is that I expect the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays to field the best team that they possibly can with the resources they have.  If New York and Boston feel that their best chance is to bring in top-level free agents to get the job done than so be it.  And if the Rays feel that their minor league teams are the best places to find players to help them win, then I am good with that too.  I do expect that the Yankees will be more competitive this season, and I don’t expect much of a drop-off, if any, from the Rays or Red Sox. 

It should be very entertaining in the AL East in 2009 and with the additions of Sabathia, Burnett, and Teixeira more and more eyes will be watching!!!  I’m ready for April!!!


6 responses to “I LOVE What The New York Yankees Are Doing!!!

  1. The problem I have with the Yankees is not THAT they are spending, it’s HOW they are spending. True to form, they swoop in and nab the hottest free agents just because they can, almost without considering whether they truly fit their team or not.

    It almost smacks of desperation (A.J. Burnett is an up-and-down player with injury issues who had a contract’s-up type season last year. Teixeira doesn’t really seem like he filled a huge need for the Yankees. They already have a bunch of sluggers).

    Throwing a bunch of money at players doesn’t guarantee a title, as you noted. In fact, it can backfire on a team, which the Yankees have experienced several times already. If I was a Yankee fan, I’d be a little concerned, not thrilled. These huge-money signings seem like the act of desperate organization, like a team that’s not really thinking clearly.

    They may prove me wrong this year. But in the long run, what the Yankees are doing is a problem, for all of baseball.

  2. OK, I have to preface this by admitting that I’m a life-long Red Sox fan so I’m probably biased…

    Don’t you think it’s a bit disgusting what the Yankees have done this off-season? Part of that new stadium was built with New York state tax dollars, correct? Yet the team has 400+ million to go out and spend on free agents? Why should the state have eaten any of the cost for that new stadium if the organization has that kind of money to throw around?

    Baseball needs a salary cap, it is totally unfair the way things are now. How are the Kansas City Royals supposed to compete with a team like New York (or even Boston) that has that kind of money? I know it will never happen because the player’s union will never agree to it, but off-seasons like this don’t get me excited for baseball, they turn me off. Yes it is true that all teams should use “whatever resources they have” to field the best team they can, but when one team has 10 or 20 times the resources of another, it’s a joke.

    Sorry for the rant, I don’t mean this as a slant against you or any Yankees fans, I just don’t like the direction baseball is going in lately…

  3. Shane- I understand your points, but if you were a Yankee fan( I know that sounds ridiculous to you) you would probably be thrilled to have these guys on your roster. And just knowing that your team’s ownership will do anything to put a winning team on the field would certainly keep you along for the ride.

    Let’s not forget what happened in Tampa this past year. They did the unthinkable and on paper should not have been able to compete. That’s what is so great about this game – you still have to go out and win, and win a lot to be really good.

    I love the fact that the Florida Marlins ended the season for the Mets last year. But on paper their roster is inferior to what the Mets put on the field. Again, you have to play the game.. and I am looking forward to watching the Yankees play the game ever more now with these incredible talents added their already awesome line-up.

    Personally, I won’t be any more or less happy if they win or lose but more people will be tuned in to watch. Seeing one of the best teams in baseball history as they dominate or as they falter will keep fans interested until August. Either way is good with me… and good for baseball!

  4. Like Shane, I’ll preface my comments by saying that I’m a Red Sox fan.

    Do I blame the Yankees for spending exorbitant amounts of money? No. I blame the system. The Yankees (and Red Sox, Cubs, Mets, etc) are simply playing by the rules that currently exist. But, the rules aren’t fair. MLB needs to take a look at the other pro sports and adopt some of their rules to make the league as a whole competitive. What I hate is that before this season even gets started we all know that barring a miracle, teams like the Pirates and Royals aren’t going to compete for the post season. At best they are going to be competing for a winning record. Look at the NFL. You never know who is going to be good. The way their salary structure works allows even smaller market teams like the Steelers to compete with the teams from bigger cities. So no I don’t blame the Yankees. I still hate them all the same!

  5. The real problem is that they are paying for this by charging $2500 a ticket in the lower level. They’re banking on Corporate America to buy up these tickets. The problem here is that we’ve seen what the economy has been doing and is still yet to do. The Co. I work for is a Fortune 500 co. We are still pulling in a hefty profit, but they are freezing our wages and making cutbacks across the board. If I find out they are buying these seats for execs and customers I will throw a shit fit. We’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out. I honestly hope it turns into one of the biggest failures in sports because if I have to spend that kind of money to go and see the Cubs blow it all in the end again I’m gonna become a hockey fan!

  6. I wish St. Louis had New York’s $

    I predict the Yankees won’t make it to the 2009 WS even with the additions of C.C. & Tex.

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