What Ever Happened To Danny Tartabull???

Danny Tartabull was another member of the great rookie class that took baseball by storm during the 1986 season.  As a rookie with the Seattle Mariners, Tartabull finished in 5th place for the Rookie of the Year voting after hitting .270 with 25 home runs and 96 RBI.  Tartabull spent the next 5 years of his career as a member of the Kansas City Royals and this is where he reached his greatest statistical output.  In 5 seasons with the Royals, he finished in the Top 20 for the MVP 2 times.  From 1987-1991, Tartabull smashed 124 dingers and amassed 425 RBI along with scoring 276 runs as well.  After the 1991 season, Tartabull signed a contract to play for the New York Yankees but was unable to duplicate his prior success and was traded to 3 teams in his final 3 years.  In his last season in 1997, Tartabull was with the Phillies.  After fouling a ball off of his foot, Tartabull quickly retired from the sport leaving his fans and teammates puzzled.

After 14 seasons in the major leagues, Tartabull retired with a .273 average and tallied 262 home runs and 925 RBI.  He appeared in only 1 All-star game and never made the playoffs in his career.

Danny Tartabull is no longer involved with baseball and his rare public appearances since his retirement have been limited to 2 guest-starring roles as himself on Seinfeld in 1994.


2 responses to “What Ever Happened To Danny Tartabull???

  1. I remember when he left NY he said it was like being released from jail. He also bashed George Steinbrenner if you can believe that.

  2. You glossed over Tartabull’s retirement. The foul ball off his foot was in the 1st week of the season, and he milked a paycheck for the rest of the season while on the disabled list. The ultimate slacker!

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