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Stocking Stuffer #1

My wife hooked me up with 3 SWEET Andre Dawson game-used cards for Christmas….

How nice is this?  Numbered 99/100, this card features a piece of game-used jersey and bat from ‘The Hawk’.  On the jersey card, you can just make out a pinstripe on the extreme left of the piece.  I love this card – I already owned the base version and this is certainly a great compliment to it. 


1986 Topps Rickey Henderson

 I never cared for the 1986 Topps issue.  The whole ‘stencil’ look did little for me.  And compared to the previous issue in 1985, the 86’s were not even close.

But, this specific card looks great.  It’s funny how sometimes all it takes is a certain image or color combination to make one card work versus another.  The Black and White contrast, is OK, but what really makes this work is the perfectly placed Grey, Black, and White elements that Rickey’s photo adds to the card.  Trust me, the Tony Gwynn version of this card doesn’t even come close to looking as good as this one…

1 more Rickey card off of my wantlist!! YES!!!


What Ever Happened To Bob Horner???

“4 home runs in 1 game – 4 home runs in 1 game – 4 home runs in 1 game – 4 home runs in 1 game”

 This feat alone mesmerized me.  I remember watching this game as a kid on WTBS back in 1986 as a 10-year old baseball fan.

But Bob Horner was on a path to baseball stardom well before this amazing 1-day accomplishment.  Drafted in 1978 by the Atlanta Braves, Horner went straight from an amazing college baseball career to the major leagues skipping what was normally a routine stop in the minor leagues.

With a .266 batting average while belting 23 home runs, Horner won the Rookie of the Year award in 1978.  In ’79 he followed up his rookie season by hitting .314 while crushing 33 homers.  Horner was on a path to become a dominant offensive threat and star of the Atlanta Braves. 

Unfortunately, injuries cost Bob Horner quite a bit of playing time during the course of his career.  Having never played in more than 141 games in a single season while also playing in 4 seasons in which he played in less than 100 games, Horner lost several opportunities to utilize his offensive skills and help his team win.  After 10 major league seasons, Horner finished his career injured while settling with 218 home runs, a .277 batting average, and 1 lone appearance in the All-star game.

 Not wanting to give up, Horner took his talents overseas in 1987 and signed on to play for the Yakult Swallows in Japan.  He performed well and hit 31 home runs in his debut season with the team.  Horner returned back to the states in hopes to sign with a major league club for the 1988 season but was released by the St. Louis Cardinals after severely injuring his shoulder.

On July 4, 2006 Bob Horner was elected into the College Baseball Hall of Fame.


1971 Topps Fergie Jenkins League Leaders

1971 Topps Fergie Jenkins League Leaders

 Just another card illustrating how consistently good Fergie Jenkins was as a starting pitcher.  I still feel like he got robbed by the voters and should have been a first ballot Hall of Famer.  This card is from the 1971 Topps set and commemorates the outstanding pitching performances of Bob Gibson, Gaylord Perry, and Fergie Jenkins.

I’m glad that I waited to make this purchase.  The ’71 design with the black border was really tough to find with nicely centered images.  This one looks great and helps me scratch one more card off my need list for my Fergie Jenkins collection!!


Ryne Sandberg Shows His Humorous Side, Part 2!!!

 Another good one featuring RYNO!!!

Nice cucumbers…

1989 Fleer Dave Winfield

 How high did ‘Big Dave’ hit that one???   My guess is somewhere between Mars and Jupiter….

I’m on the fence regarding the 1989 Fleer design.  For the Yankees, the colors work extremely well.  The Oakland A’s are another story…


Happy Birthday Ozzie Smith

The ‘Wizzard of Oz’ turns 54 years old today!!

Quite possibly the greatest defensive player of the last generation, Ozzie Smith could do no wrong.  A 13-time Gold Glove winner and 15-time All-Star, Smith was the heart and soul of the St. Louis Cardinals.  Smith was also a demon on the base paths.  With 580 career stolen bases and 1,257 runs scored, Smith possessed the speed and skills required to become a very successful player.

For Ozzie’s 54th birthday, I want to get him an appearance in the All-Star game in 1993.  This would have given Ozzie 16 consecutive appearances in baseball’s All-Star game.

Happy Birthday Ozzie!!!


Happy Birthday Carlton Fisk

Carlton Fisk turns 61 years old today.

Carlton Fisk was an 11-time all star catcher that held together some of baseball’s most diverse pitching staffs for 24 major league seasons.  A 7-time candidate for baseball’s MVP award, Fisk was the centerpiece for both the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox for a quarter century.

With 376 career home runs and 1,330 RBI, Fisk was a solid contirbutor to his team’s offense.  Throughout his entire career, Fisk was used as a DH, infieleder, and outfielder just to kepe his potent bat in the line-up.

So, what do you give the man known as ‘Pudge’ for his birthday??

In 24 years, Carlton Fisk only made it to the playoffs 2 times.  I would love to give him one more opportunity to shine during baseball’s playoffs!

Happy Birthday Mr. Fisk!!!


Happy Birthday Rickey Henderson

Rickey Henderson turns ‘The Big 50’ today!!!!

Arguably the best player from the 1980’s, Henderson had the natural ability to do it all!!!  A master at the plate and on the base paths, seeing Henderson play live was worth the price of admission by itself. 

Baseball’s all-time record holder for most stoles bases in a career with an astounding 1,406 and with 81 career lead-off home runs, Henderson epitomizes what a lead off batter is supposed to do for a team – get on base and score runs!!

If I could give Rickey Henderson 1 thing for his birthday, it would be 1 more home run.  I wouldn’t care if it was a blast over the outfield wall or if he hit one into the gap between the center and right fielder and hustled around third base while then sliding head first into home plate.  I just want to see him with 300 career home runs!!  The number 299 seems like a rip-off to me…

Happy Birthday Rickey!!!


Wishing You A Merry Christmas!!!

Enjoy the day today.  Even if this is not your holiday to celebrate, take the time today to relax and enjoy being with your loved ones.  With all of the stresses life brings throughout the year, try to use this day as a time to relax and enjoy the good things about life – family, health, and happiness.

Merry Christmas from ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.


I know that many of you are suffering through a bitterly cold winter so I thought I would pass along this picture of a South Florida Christmas tree…. Enjoy!