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Baseball Card Show Purchase #11 – $1 Bargain Bin Card #3

 Saving the best for last!!!

1979 Topps – Eddie Murray

I love this card.  I was shocked to find it in a dollar bin…  But not too shocked to add it to the stack of cards I was buying!!!  This card is easily my best ‘find’ from the card show and I am proud to add it to my collection!!!


Baseball Card Show Purchase #10 – $1 Bargain Bin Card #2

 1986 Donruss Rated Rookie – Fred McGriff

I’ve sung the praises of Fred McGriff a few times on this blog.  He was a very good player and contributed solidly both on offense and defense during his career.  Although he falls just short of the 500 home run club that almost always guarantees Hall of Fame entry, I hope that the writers give ‘The Crime Dog’ strong consideration as he played extremely well and remained unquestionably ‘steroid free’ when his foes were ‘juicing’.


Baseball Card Show Purchase #9 – $1 Bargain Bin Card #1

 1981 Topps – Harold Baines rookie card

I’ve wanted to add a Harold Baines rookie card to my collection for some time now.  I always admired his approach to the game and most fans will say that Baines is the guy who defined the designated hitter role perfectly.  Although I do not think that Baines is a Hall of fame player, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to grab this card for one dollar!!!


Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – Bruce Jenner

I admit it proudly – I am an old-school guy.  I was one of the few people that I know that really enjoyed watching this past summer’s Olympic games.  I like the whole show that is put on.  I like the medal ceremonies.  And of course I love the talent that the United States brings to the table in so many various sports!!

When I think about the greatest Olympians of the US’ history, Bruce Jenner is right there at the top of the list!!!  I grabbed these 2 cards for the combined price of $0.25 and and hopefull that Mr. Jenner will sign these for me.


Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – Pete Rose

 I have been reading quite a bit that Pete Rose has been signing his mail recently so I am eager to get this card out to him.

The first distinct memory I have of baseball is watching Pete Rose collect his 4,192nd career hit on TV.  I thought that this card perfectly captures that moment and I am hopeful that Pete Rose will return it to me autographed.

Don’t even get me started on the Hall of Fame debate….


Baseball Card Show Purchase #6 – A Few Yankees Greats!!

 2 more guys I want to try to get autographs of – Bernie Williams & Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage!!!

When I think of the Yankees of the last 20 years, Bernie Williams is front and center.  Countless World Series moments of the Yankees include this terrific player.  And ‘Goose’ wasn’t too shabby either, was he???


Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – HOF for TTM

 This is going to be a ton of fun!!!  Most of these guys are known to be great signers for autograph collectors so I home I am lucky with this.

I cannot express enough how much fun it was pulling these cards out of countless boxes at the show.  The more I see these cards, the more I am liking them.  At this point, I would have to say that the Goudey design is my favorite!!!

Warren Spahn, Tony Perez, Bob Feller, Sparky Anderson, Duke Snider, Al Kaline, Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter, Stan Musial, Bobby Doerr, and Bucky Dent – SWEET!!!!



Baseball Card Show Purchase #4 – Current Players for Autographs TTM

Here are the guys from today’s game that I am going to try to get autographs from.  I know that Mike Mussina is recently retired, but I have always enjoyed watching him play and I have read that he is a great signer through the mail. 

As for the other guys – you really cannot go wrong with Mike Cameron, Josh Hamilton, Andy Pettitte, and Mike Lowell.  I have enjoyed each of these guys for multiple reasons of the course of their careers and would love to add their autographs to my growing collection.  Cameron is a stud, and Pettitte has always impressed me with his ability.  Both Hamilton and Lowell have ties to South Florida which always makes me search them out when checking box scores… 

I love the vintage look of these cards and really think all of them would be perfect with an autograph added!!!


Baseball Card Show Purchase #3 – 2 New Rickey Henderson Cards

 These are the only cards I was able to find for my player collections.  The 1986 Donruss Rickey Henderson base card and the 1987 Donruss Opening Day card.  Both cards look great and I was able to pick them up for a combined price of $0.25!!! 

Gotta love those ‘Bargain Bins’!!!


Baseball Card Show Purchase #2 – CUBS, CUBS, CUBS

 I couldn’t resist my CUBBIES!!!

I found a new dealer who had all of his cards sorted by team.  This was a great way to shop and I of course ended up at the ‘Cubs’ section of his table rather quickly.  Although I found no Billy Williams cards, I was able to get my hands on these…

The 1988 Donruss Rookies Mark Grace card is sweet.  I needed it to complete my Grace rookie collection, and now all that I am missing is the 1988 Topps Traded and 1998 Score cards.  Then I scooped up a few modern cards of my favorite vintage Cubs.  You cannot go wrong with a few Ernie Banks cards and I also was able to find what are now my first Ron Santo and Randy Hundley cards.