What Ever Happened To Bobby Bonilla???

Bobby Bonilla helped make up one of the most talented outfields in major league baseball during the 1990’s.  Alongside teammates Barry Bonds and Andy VanSlyke, this trio was one of the most complete outfields in baseball due to their incredible offense and defensive abilities.

As a 6-time All-Star and 3-time Silver Slugger winner, Bobby Bonilla offered all of the teams he played for a wide array of offense.  A solid hitter with a career batting average of .279, ‘Bobby Bo’ excelled in all phases of batting.  With 408 doubles, 287 home runs and 1,173 RBI, Bonilla provided a huge spark at the plate.  And with an on-base percentage of .358 he was able to get on base and make things happen for his team. 

‘Bobby Bo’ played for 9 different teams over the course of his career.  His most successful season came in 1997 when his Florida Marlins won the World Series.  Although he only hit .207 in the 7-game series, Bonilla did account for 5 runs and 3 RBI helping Florida win their first championship.

Bobby Bonilla retired from baseball after 16 successful seasons.  Currently living in Connecticut, it is not odd to find Bonilla at the poker table these days.  He has even been spotted at the game’s biggest event – ‘The World Series of Poker’.  Who knows, maybe one day Bobby Bonilla will get a bracelet to match the ring he already owns….



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