12 Autograph Requests Have Been Mailed!!!

I am very eager to see how this goes.  This morning I dropped off 12 envelopes for 11 baseball players and 1 Olympic hero.  I’m sending these autograph requests to Hall of Famers, All-stars, Sentimental favorites, and heroes of my childhood.

The guys – Mike Lowell, Mike Mussina, Pete Rose, Duke Snider, Stan Musial, Bruce Jenner, Bobby Doerr, Sparky Anderson, Mike Cameron, Al Kaline, Josh Hamilton, and Ron Santo.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how this pursuit goes…  Any guesses on who will be the first one back to my house with a successful signature???



8 responses to “12 Autograph Requests Have Been Mailed!!!

  1. It’ll either be Anderson or Doerr. They both have really quick turn around times. Mussina has good turn around time as well. I think both Snider and Santo want money for their sigs and you’ll get a postcard back from Musial and not have your item signed. At least that’s the way it used to me

  2. Sparky Anderson…maybe Mussina.

  3. It’ll be Snider or Doerr. Snider doesn’t charge.

  4. 1. Anderson
    2. Doerr
    3. Mussina
    4. Musial post card (originally signed)
    5. Snider
    6. Kaline
    7. Kardashian
    8. Cameron
    9. Hamilton
    10. Santo (requesting $8-10)
    11. Rose
    12. Lowell

    Good luck

  5. Mike Mussina!!!

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