Cubs Cards from The Cubs Blog – ‘Wait ‘Til Next Year’

Although this new blog is in it’s infant stages, you would never be able to tell as Steve is an exceptional writer and adds personal touches to most of his posts. 

I am always happy to find a new blog to read, and when it is littered with the Chicago Cubs and stories about them it is even a bigger reward.  ‘Wait ‘Til Next Year’ is Steve’s take on the old-school Cubs.  Of course you’re going to read about Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo, Fergie Jenkins, and the other guys.  But what Steve does is offer a perspective that most of us were unable to enjoy.  Without trying to call Steve ‘old’, he has memories from the golden age of the Cubs – the 1960”s.  While most of us have to settle for stories that have been handed down or finding them on-line, Steve lived it daily!!!  Sometimes I wish I were born in a different era so I could enjoy the game when my heroes played.  Thankfully Steve has been able to bridge that gap for us with some of his experiences…

Onto the cards…  In order to obtain one of Mark Grace’s autographs, I had to pull this card out of my collection.  Steve has generously added this card back into my collection and it is easily one of my favorite Mark Grace cards.


 The next 4 cards mean more to me than they would to the average collector.  And if you were to place these 4 in front of different people, their likes and dislikes would differ greatly.  But, for me, these cards are all ‘Likes’!!!

1989 Topps Ramon Martinez rookie card – Martinez is one of my ‘That Guys’.  1987 Donruss Barry Larkin rookie card.  Larkin was my first TTM autograph since I picked this part of the hobby back up a few months ago.  I am hopeful that he gets some serious consideration for the HOF next year when he is eligible.  1982 Topps Jody Davis.  CUBS – ’nuff said!!  And finally, the 1989 Topps Robin Ventura rookie.  One of my favorite players from the time I lived in Chicago. 


Thanks Steve.  Don’t worry – I’ll certainly ‘Wait ‘Til Next Year’.

2 responses to “Cubs Cards from The Cubs Blog – ‘Wait ‘Til Next Year’

  1. the ’82 topps jody davis kicks ass

  2. I don’t think Larkin will get in next year, but he should eventually. If he doesn’t, well, I’m not sure what to think of the voters. I already have my doubts about their sanity for keeping certain players out for so long.

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