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I won a contest!!!

 I know, I know.  I couldn’t believe it either.  After entering several blogger’s contests, I was finally a winner!!! 

Check out the details:  http://autocards.blogspot.com/2009/01/and-winners-are.html

Zach from Autographed Cards does a great job on his blog and now I was the lucky winner of 20 random packs of baseball cards.  Today the cards arrived and I am thrilled to have found all of this: 


Just as promised, 20 packs of baseball cards!!!  SWEET!!!!  But wait, there’s more…


And more…. 3 San Diego Padres autographs.  Although I am not a Padres fan, I will always enjoy adding a few more autographs to my collection!!!


And saving the best for last…  2 Rickey Henderson cards to add to my player collection.  And 2 Andre Dawson cards I was missing from my collection of ‘The Hawk’s’ Cards!!!


To say that Zach went way above and beyond is an understatement.  I am shocked by his generosity and will do my best to add a few signed cards to his ‘Autographed Cards’ collection.  Thanks Zach!!!

Happy Anniversary Joe DiMaggio & Marilyn Monroe!!!

 On this day in 1954 Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe tied the knot!!!  In what may have been the most widely publicised wedding of the decade, it’s arguable that there were no bigger stars in sports or Hollywood at that time than ‘Joe D’ and ‘Norma Jean’.


But since their wedding there have been a ton of athlete/celebrity weddings.  Some made it and some haven’t…  But they all have 1 thing in common: Media coverage!!

So, what couple reminds you most of DiMaggio and Monroe??  Nobody can compare to their ‘Spotlight Dominance’ but these couples do come close.   

  1. Halle Berry & David Justice
  2. Posh Spice & David Beckham
  3. Eva Longoria & Tony Parker

Your pick??  Any Others??

Happy Anniversary Billy Williams!!!

I’m doing this to help me get over this week’s Hall Of Fame enshrinement announcements…

Happy Anniversary Billy Williams!!!

On this date in 1987, Billy Williams was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  After a wonderful 18-year career highlighted by 16 seasons with the Chicago Cubs, it’s great to see Billy Williams enshrined alongside baseball’s elite players.  Although it took the voters 6 years to get him in, Williams is in Cooperstown sitting alongside other Cubs legends like Ernie Banks, Fergie Jenkins, and Ryne Sandberg.

In 18 seasons, Williams accumulated 2,711 hits and had a .290 average.  With 426 home runs, 1,410 runs scored, and 1,475 RBI Billy Williams’ stats are remarkably solid.  As the Rookie of the Year in 1961 and with (5) Top 20 MVP finishes to his credit, Williams was one of the most consistent hitter of the 1960’s.

Congratulations to ‘Sweet Swinging Billy Williams’!!!!


“31 in 31” – The 1970’s – Card #18

 “31 in 31” – The 1970’s – Card #18

Jim Rice – 1975 Topps – #616

Jim Rice may be one of the best examples of a great hitter that could also hit for power or you can classify him as a power hitter that was a great contact hitter too.  Either way, it works!!  Although we cannot clearly say Rice was a better hitter for average than power or vice-versa, we can surely say that his number are mighty impressive.  After 16 seasons with the Boston Red Sox, Rice ended his career with a .298 batting average while launching 382 home runs.  Rice’s best season came in 1978 when he won the Most Valuable Player award while hitting .315 and belting 46 home runs and driving in 139 runs.  Rice was a MVP candidate annually and finished in the Top 5 for voting in 6 total seasons.  Jim Rice competed in 1 World Series championship match-up in 1986 against the New York Mets.  Although his team ultimately lost in 7 games, Rice did extremely well as he hit .333 and scored 6 runs.