Bobby Doerr Autograph TTM Success!!!

 True to form and just as expected, Bobby Doerr delivered two great looking autographs to me in just 7 days.  Doerr is known around the autograph hunting community as being one of the easiest and nicest signers in the hobby. 

Doerr played 14 seasons for the Boston Red Sox from 1937-1951.  A 9-time All-star, Doerr’s career batting average is .288.  With 223 home runs, 1,094 runs scored, and 1,247 RBI, Doerr’s offensive game was solid for a 2nd baseman.  Doerr finished in the Top 19 for the league MVP award 8 times over the course of his career and his jersey, #1, was retired by the Red Sox in 1988.  Doer was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1986.

2 classic autogrpahs from a very classy guy.  ‘Thank You’, Mr. Doerr!!! 


5 responses to “Bobby Doerr Autograph TTM Success!!!

  1. Great autograph score. Congratulations.

  2. That is totally awesome! And those are two great cards to get signed. I might have to try my hand at TTM sometime soon…

  3. Every card that I have sent to Bobby Doerr he has signed, He is one of the best TTM signers that I have had success with, I have sent him cards 4 or 5 times and I got all the card back signed. His autographs are great.

  4. Does Mr. Doerr sign baseballs TTM?

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