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Breaking Into A Pack Of 1988 Donruss

I received 1 pack of 1988 Donruss in the contest I won on the Autographed Cards blog.

Here are the results from the pack:

Wade Boggs, Matt Nokes, Wayne Tolleson, Mariano Duncan, Julio Franco, Charlie Leibrandt, Felix Fermin, Kelly Downs, Shawon Dunston, Scott Bradley, Dave Steib, Frank Viola, Alan Trammell(DK), Terry Kennedy, and Bill Wegman

What a great group of stars from the 80’s – Boggs, Franco, Dunston(a personal favorite), Viola, & Trammell.



Happy Birthday Chili Davis!!!

The man known as ‘Chili’ turns 49 years old today.

Charles ‘Chili’ Davis was an offensive machine.  An annual MVP candidate, Davis’ offensive game was complimented by his ability to hit for average and power.  In 19 seasons, ‘Chili’ had a career batting average of .274.  And with 350 home runs and 1,372 RBI, Davis’ offensive attack always kept his foes on their heels when he was at the plate.  Davis is also a 3-time World Champion from his days with the Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees.

On his 49th birthday, I gave ‘Chili’ Davis respect.  Davis played the game very well and was committed to winning.  His ability to put the ball in play as well as drive in runs made him shine for 19 years as a major leaguer.

Happy Birthday ‘Chili’!!!!


“31 in 31” – The 1970’s – Card #15

“31 in 31” – The 1970’s – Card #15

Bruce Sutter – 1977 Topps – #144

Bruce Sutter’s short 12-year career was enough to get him elected into baseball’s Hall of Fame.  He was that good!!

As a relief pitcher, Sutter has 300 career saves.  His record is just below .500 at 68-71.  But it was Sutter’s daily dominance that established him as one of baseball’s finest closers.  Sutter won the Cy Young award in 1979 and finished in 7th place for the MVP as well during that season.  With 37 saves, 101 strikeouts, and a 2.22 ERA, Sutter was a huge part of the success that the Cubs had in 1979.  In his career, Sutter has finished in the Top 6 for the Cy Young in 5 of his 12 years as a major league player.  In addition to that, Sutter has finished in the top 8 for the MVP in 5 seasons as well.  These are remarkable numbers for a pitcher, and a reliever at that.  Over the course of his career, Bruce Sutter struck out 861 batters while walking just 309.  That’s good for a 2.79 K:walk ratio which is solid for a player that pitched his innings during ‘crunch time’.

Bruce Sutter was part of the 1982 championship winning team in St. Louis.  In the 4-game series, Sutter won 1 game and saved 2 more.  He was one of many key cogs in the wheel that gave the Cardinals their 4-game sweep and World Series title.