Happy Birthday Chili Davis!!!

The man known as ‘Chili’ turns 49 years old today.

Charles ‘Chili’ Davis was an offensive machine.  An annual MVP candidate, Davis’ offensive game was complimented by his ability to hit for average and power.  In 19 seasons, ‘Chili’ had a career batting average of .274.  And with 350 home runs and 1,372 RBI, Davis’ offensive attack always kept his foes on their heels when he was at the plate.  Davis is also a 3-time World Champion from his days with the Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees.

On his 49th birthday, I gave ‘Chili’ Davis respect.  Davis played the game very well and was committed to winning.  His ability to put the ball in play as well as drive in runs made him shine for 19 years as a major leaguer.

Happy Birthday ‘Chili’!!!!


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