Sparky Anderson Autograph TTM Success

Sparky Anderson TTM Success – 9 days!!!

 George ‘Sparky’ Anderson played just 1 season in the big leagues – 1959 with the Phillies.  In that year he batted .218 while accumulating 104 hits, 9 doubles, 0 home runs, and 34 RBI.  Not very impressive stats…

But, ‘Sparky’ is one the most popular managers in baseball history.  The winner of 3 World Series titles, Anderson was extremely popular with players and fans.  With the ‘Big Red Machine’ in 1975 & 1976, Anderson won back-to-back titles.  And then, in 1984 he won his 3rd championship with the Detroit Tigers.  With a career win-loss record of 2,194-1,834, Anderson was voted into the baseball Hall of Fame in 2000.

Thanks for the great autograph ‘Sparky’!!!


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